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To understand what we’re all about at The Karate Center, it’s important to start with our mission statement.  For it is this statement that sums up how we approach martial arts training, teaching, and learning for us and our students.

The mission of The Karate Center is to teach martial arts using a combination of traditional, scientific, and individualized approaches.  Our goal is to develop the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of each student, who will then carry the lessons of the art into their everyday life.

Student Testimonials

At The Karate Center, our first priority is to teach “real” martial arts, whether it be for adults or kids.  What do we mean by “real?”  Take a look at the chart below, which compares The Karate Center to some of the other martial arts schools you may encounter.


The Karate Center has been successful in helping our students become outstanding martial artists.  However, we believe our true success is the difference we have made in the lives our students. Each instructor views martial arts training as a way to teach our students "life skills:"


The primary style we teach at the Karate Center is Wado Ryu karate, one of the four styles of karate recognized by the Japanese government.  Wado Ryu means “the way of harmony and peace.”  It is a traditional blocking, kicking, and striking art characterized by soft, flowing movements and a focus on speed of attack and defense.  Its training method begins with Japanese based techniques, and progresses through its history to touch upon Okinawan and Chinese concepts that form the basis of the art. It similarly progresses from straight to circular, from focused to fluid, from rigid to flexible and from formed to formless.


The diagram above shows our class structure.  Some things to note:

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