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You know Karate is good for self defense!

But at The Karate Center our kids also learn:
• Physical Coordination
• Respect and Self-Control
• Discipline and Determination
• Confidence and Fair Plan
• All in an atmosphere where they can still be kids and have fun!

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Why is karate so good for children? 
Because of its emphasis on focus, structure, self-control, and respect for others and themselves, karate training is a highly beneficial supplement to academic and social learning.  Karate Kids will learn not only physical but also mental self defense that will help keep them safe. Your child will also be taught skills necessary for success in life such as goal setting, communication, team work, and most importantly positive mental attitudes that will develop a healthy sense of self-worth.

For Karate Kids, the advantages of karate go beyond the school into the classroom and into all areas of like.  Karate is not just an activity.  It is not just a sport.  It is a way of life!

Our students gain physical fitness & coordination
Karate is great for all-round coordination. Through time, we find children can manage many complicated combinations of hand and leg techniques in all directions. Our fun exercise system is based on learning how to communicate to children of all ages and levels. Our system gives them the full benefit of an all round healthy exercise program, building strong bones, muscles and fitness.

Our students learn focus & self-control
Karate helps prepare a child for life. The children in our classes know much is expected from them, and with a little encouragement and support from their instructors and parents, children will rise to the occasion.  They begin to learn focus and self-control from the beginning, as they are taught to line up in class, obey and act on orders, learn to behave, to control their anger, control their techniques and learn that karate is not to be used to hurt people either at school or outside.

Our program teaches discipline & respect
Students learn to respect themselves, parents, and other people.  As a result, others are more likely to return that respect.  Students are taught from the outset that Karate is primarily a defensive and not an offensive martial art. They learn to be polite and respect their fellow students, instructors and parents. Soon, they become aware that good manners consist of having consideration for other people.  Children generally react to discipline very well and after a short period they develop self-discipline. Their concentration is enhanced as they focus their mind on the task at hand. Many parents notice a marked improvement in their child's powers of concentration.

Our reward system improves children’s confidence and self-esteem
Self confidence doesn't come naturally for most children. It has to be developed over time.  Each student’s progress is closely monitored and frequently rewarded.  At the Karate Center we believe in positive reinforcement, and our belt system is one key to building that confidence.  When kids earn their belts it gives them a strong sense of accomplishment that improves the way they feel about themselves. As they learn new techniques, and find they can do things they didn’t think possible, their self-esteem grows.

One important distinction between The Karate Center and some other schools is that our first priority is to teach “real” martial arts, whether it be for adults or youngsters.  Our Karate Kids program is not the equivalent of a “motivational day care center.”  We do not pass every student at their belt test because “it’s good for retention.”  Our program is balanced between technical execution and self-defense, and personal development.  Plus, we understand that kids learn differently than adults, and our program is tailored to the way kids learn.  At The Karate Center, our mission is to develop fully all the benefits of “real” martial arts in every student!

To sum it all up, at The Karate Center you’ll find proven methods in positive instruction, which help children develop physical fitness, self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect for authority. You’ll also find fun and energetic classes that children love to attend! 

Additional benefits of The Karate Center‘s kids program include:

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